Steam Next Fest commences in June with ‘hundreds of demos’

Valve has announced to begin the Steam Next Fest for the players to try out playing demo versions of the most anticipated PC games scheduled to release, right from Steam. The program will take place from June 13th to June 20th.

The announcement has yet only confirmed the availability of the hundreds of game demos in 2022, though the game titles remain a mystery until the commencement of the event. However, last year saw the demos of some prominent games, one of which includes Sable and Toem. Possibly, Valve could be showcasing the game demos that are perfectly playable on Steam Deck, expecting a big number of reservations for the event.

The Steam Next Fest has been scheduled to take place in mid-June, the usual occurrence period of E3 that wouldn’t be taking place in person due to “the ongoing health risks surrounding COVID-19.” Even the E3 precise dates have not been announced yet.

Overall, game enthusiasts across the globe have the opportunity to grab the reservation before it’s late and try out all the forthcoming anticipated game demos they have been craving to play since they initially came to know about them. They should also know that the chances are of the promotion of the games best for Steam Deck.

Steam Deck, launched by Valve on February 25th, 2022, is a handheld gaming console that can also be connected to a monitor like Nintendo Switch, for a better gaming experience. It comes with a library of games including Windows PC games. The Steam Deck owners can also install compatible games from third-party sources and use different operating systems such as Windows.

The Steam Deck features high-quality hardware and customizable controls to play numerous compatible games. You can also use the console to suspend as well as resume the game at once.

WhatsApp getting better voice messages in the coming weeks

WhatsApp made a recent announcement on March 30th, Wednesday, that the upcoming weeks will see improved voice messages on WhatsApp with an ability to listen to the message while being on a chat, reading the chats up and down, and even play the voice message at 1.5 or 2 times speed. It’s a time-saving update that needs to be implemented on all platforms supporting voice messages.

Also, if you want to pause your voice recording and resume it when you are ready to record it, WhatsApp will make this possible too. This feature will prevent the unnecessary silence that sounds awkward sometimes, in the absence of words. Additionally, you can also listen to the voice message you have just recorded before sending it to make sure there is nothing said in the message accidentally that was not supposed to be said.

In addition to the feature mentioned above, you will also be able to see the improvement in the app design and visuals. Earlier, the voice message showcased a line of progression while listening to the message, but now, you will see waveforms according to the notes and pitches of the voice in the message. Also, you will be able to listen to the message from wherever you stop. You don’t have to start listening to it from the beginning.

According to WhatsApp, about 7 billion voice chats are sent each day, and therefore, the update would prove handy to a lot of WhatsApp users. However, some of the other rivals of WhatsApp, including Telegram, which lets you listen to the voice message outside the chat, have already incorporated such features. WhatsApp, with this much-needed update, will surely make a mark by turning voice chats into one of the most used chatting options for its users around the world.

Spotify’s Car Thing to let you control other media

Spotify has currently launched its Car Thing device’s update that will now allow you to manage or control other media. Spotify’s Car thing supports several features that include the ability to take incoming calls, extend your playlist with the additional music, and control the media that is nowhere associated with Spotify. Presently, most of these features are available for iOS devices only. However, Spotify is working to get the features available for Androids devices also.

Spotify’s Car Thing device features a 4-inch touchscreen and a wheel that helps you navigate through the screen. It also features some shortcut buttons and voice recognition ability. Additionally, you also have the option to connect your iOS devices via Bluetooth. Moreover, all you need to pay to get this device is a sum of $90. The device has been designed with the aim to let the drivers handle and navigate Spotify’s content effortlessly. Also, it is best for cars without Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto available as part of your car’s infotainment system. The device can only be streamed by Spotify Premium users and is currently available in the US.

These new additional services go beyond the existing Spotify features. Besides navigating the playlist and listening to music, you can check on the phone calls, receive them or even discard them in case they are unworthy of your attention; the feature is only available for iPhone users. These advancements may take you up to the expectation of having voice-assisted outgoing calls, coming over as one more feature on Spotify’s Car thing device. This imagination may soon get projected into reality in the near future.

The software update was released on Thursday, April 7, with the inclusion of certain more features to ease your driving and turn it into a merry ride whenever you wish to set off for a new journey in your car.