Spotify’s Car Thing to let you control other media

Spotify has currently launched its Car Thing device’s update that will now allow you to manage or control other media. Spotify’s Car thing supports several features that include the ability to take incoming calls, extend your playlist with the additional music, and control the media that is nowhere associated with Spotify. Presently, most of these … Read more

WhatsApp getting better voice messages in the coming weeks

WhatsApp made a recent announcement on March 30th, Wednesday, that the upcoming weeks will see improved voice messages on WhatsApp with an ability to listen to the message while being on a chat, reading the chats up and down, and even play the voice message at 1.5 or 2 times speed. It’s a time-saving update … Read more

Steam Next Fest commences in June with ‘hundreds of demos’

Valve has announced to begin the Steam Next Fest for the players to try out playing demo versions of the most anticipated PC games scheduled to release, right from Steam. The program will take place from June 13th to June 20th. The announcement has yet only confirmed the availability of the hundreds of game demos … Read more